Zara and Neal


Zara and Neal’s wedding day at Cavalli was filled to the brim with close connected moments, heart-jolting emotions, happy and sad tears and a whole lotta love. The colourful and vibrant decor set the tone for the festivities which would unfurl under the early January sun, an array of emotions and joy and a whole tribe of proud friends and family! Zara had lost her father shortly before the wedding and included many special tributes to him during the ceremony, including his initial embroidered into her veil… along with her brother and mother, they all held each other up, experiencing so much joy at the wedding but missing a key family member so much. It’s so clear how close Neal and his friends are, truly rare to see and something very special indeed! Not many dry eyes during the speeches! These fleeting moments of expressions of love in life which truly mean so much! I’ll let the images tell the story now! Don’t miss the post-wedding shoot at the end!

Coordinated by Nadine Mitchell of Anne Mann Celebrates / Flowers – Okasie / Decor, furniture – Scape / Make up – Algria / Hair – Jeanette / Dress – Kobus Dippenaar / Fsharp Music /  Choni G/ DJ Nathan / Stationery – Lara’s Designs / Videography – FJS/ boutonnières – Directional Designs

"I'll never finish falling in love with you" ~ Nicole Williams

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