Vicky and Jim

The first time I met Vicky and Jim was on their wedding day and immediately I felt their warmth and easy-going natures. Their focus was in the right place and they just wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and have a beautiful and happy day celebrating with their friends and family, a destination wedding surrounded by mountains and vineyards and loved ones. Their radiant happiness gleamed in the summer sun as they said their i-do’s on the lawn while guests relaxed with drinks followed by dancing and happy vibes to the South African tunes of the marimba band. It’s so clear what a tight group of friends they have and how this couple is truly supported and loved by those around them, lots of fun times, jokes, good humour and affection which was a joy to photograph! Vicky is such a light and her fun-loving nature shines through, swirling in her gown – one of my most favourite photographs I’ve taken. Vicky’s dad speech was like no other I have ever heard and brought the entire room to tears, speaking from the heart, with a knot in his throat and holding his chest to get the words out – it was such a pure demonstration of love and I feel honoured to have witnessed it. Jim contacted me a few days after the wedding with the devastating news that his father had passed on unexpectedly which hit me to the core… We never know what’s around the corner for us in life… I’m happy to have witnessed these two families so tightly-woven, happy and celebrating and I know that they have solid foundations and are pillars of support moving forward, whatever the highs and lows, they’re all in it together and it is beautiful.


Coordination – Keelyn, I Do Box / Flowers – Lush / Venue – Vrede en Lust  / Videography – MVR / Band – Me and Mr Brown

"I had no idea it would be this much. I had no idea I could handle it. I had no idea how beautiful it all actually is." ~ Tyler Knott-Gregson

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