Toni and Morné


What a special couple of hours I spent with Toni and Morné in Stellenbosch, their home turf, teaching me all about what it takes to be a true “matie!”, including a detailed description of how to do an 8-point turn when you get parked in and how it’s a thing to have an acorn fall on your head! These two humans are just the loveliest…Their intelligence, openness and general warmness towards people and life struck a chord in me… Toni is doing incredible work researching the complexities of the human heart, something she has so much of – beautiful and brainy and Morné has her laughing all the time and is a constant companion and structure of support – they are both cut from the same cloth with their scientific backgrounds. These two do life together and do it well, with a fondness for ice-cream and adventure! I loved the forest where they have spent many of the past years walking and getting to know each other in as well as the infamous Victoria St – dotted with ambitious pupils and the occasional photobomb! These two are pure joy and I’m excited for what their future holds!

"Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters" ~ Margaret Peters

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