Real Love

Theresa and Jonathan

Camps Bay, Cape Town

Theresa and Jonathan are doctors, now living in Canada (emigrating during wedding planning is no easy feat) and making a difference in the communities in the north, armed with all the trials and tribulations of dealing with an array of emergencies in the South African public health sector… Their roots are strong. They are cool, calm and collected facing the pressure! Back on South African soil, we were able to squeeze in an engagement shoot just a few days before their wedding… They love nature and forests – Jonathan misses the sea and Theresa misses the mountain so I would say we did well with our backdrop, winning with both! These two are so interesting to talk to and have so much knowledge that we spent a lot of our shoot chatting and I could have spent many more hours with them soaking up their stories and getting to know their curious minds. An active, healthy duo with a zest for life and a strong desire to make a difference, save lives, bring new lives into the world and solve problems… Their ability to tell their left from their right is questionable, which we chuckled about a few times during our shoot – ┬ábut I know they will have the happiest future together going “this way” and “that way” and wherever life leads them, they support and build each other up!



"I love you in the morning and in the afternoon, I love you in the evening, underneath the moon!"

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  1. Sewellyn Watson

    Wow – two beautiful people.

    • Justin Davey

      They are very good

  2. Justin Davey

    Wonderful pictures
    Great Couple
    Great place
    Enjoyed the wedding enormously


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