Real Life

Suzanne, Vishi, Max and Tomas

At home

This is such a special and loving family to capture… Vibrant Max, dexterous, athletic, sharp, witty, adventurous, powerful and sensitive… The matriarch, Suzanne  – the gentle, quiet, methodical cornerstone to her 3 boys, exquisitely beautiful, unassuming and modest, logical, empathetic, down to earth and generous to a fault, complemented by her person, Vishi who makes it a decision at every turn to be present, to embrace the rough nights, the skills to soothe a grazed knee and the ability to make jokes and see the lighter side of life. Could I ask for a more gorgeous family to photograph, in every possible way, fiercely-loved! These power parents take it all in their stride as they welcome sweet little Tomas, who I envision as the intellectual, stylish, shyly cheeky younger brother. Suzanne and Vishi are calm,even-tempered, kind and well-mannered and such wonderful role models for these two little boys to find their place in the world and to become who they were always meant to be!

Sometimes, being a brother is even better than being a superhero.

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