Streets of Paris


Armed with a pain au chocolat in one hand and my camera in the other, I documented a day exploring a little bit of Paris. The opening and closing shots are the view from the window of my husband’s uncle’s apartment … I *almost* felt like not leaving that view and spent many endless moments staring out the window in contemplation and taking in the sights and sounds wafting up from below … I have a passion for documenting people more than objects/places and after every sneaky snap I was charged with adrenaline as to whether said person would attempt to beat me or my camera up for taking a picture of them sans permission! But all ended well and I now have a reaaaaally long lens on my wish list!

This post starts with a stroll along the Champs-Elysées, buzzing with tourists, colours and brands, where a coffee will set you back about 8 euro! After that we hit Sacré-Coeur and then my favourite area, Montmartre, where I was in my element watching all the talented painters mastering their portraits … Followed by a few more famous Parisien sites including the vibrant Saint Chapelle. I hope you enjoy this glimpse of a day spent in this incredible city. Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!

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