Sheri and Jon


I’m finally getting round to blogging some weddings from the past season and looking back over this one brought the biggest smile to my face!  Sheri and Jon are an exceptional couple, they allow themselves the freedom to be who they are and clearly have so much fun together, always lighthearted, adventuring and laughing, not to forget little furchild Harvey, the light of their eyes!  The excitement around Sheri was infectious as she got ready, her close ties with her mom and sister and little niece so lovely to capture… She was a total vision in her Kobus Dippenaar gown, a real Disney princess bride and I loved capturing Sheri shine!

The bedeken was a flurry of excitement, joy and love, as Jon made his way towards his bride, nestled amongst vineyards and mountains, hundreds of loving guests, a heartfelt ceremony, followed by the festive, frenzied hora, my favourite part, calming down as the sun set into an opulent white wonderland for the reception. I love a bride and groom who end up singing and dancing on the bar counter, and Sheri and Jon didn’t disappoint! The night ended on an absolute high with the extreme talent that is Vitali, an Israeli violinist, who lit the dance floor on fire, along with Sheri rocking out and living her best life on stage with him! This wedding is one big whirlwind of a wonderful memory, and that’s as the photographer! Scroll right to the end to check out our post wedding shoot!

Anne Mann Celebrates / Scape Events / Florals – The Blomboy / Make up – Algria / Hair Jeanette Genis / Videography – FJS Productions / Stationery – Lara’s Designs / Band – Tones of Note / Nathan Ambach / The Chupa Band / Israeli violinist – Vitali Pezvner

"If I know what love is, it is because of you" ~ Hermann Hesse

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