Sharron and Simon


It’s been quite a journey with these two families, having photographed Simon’s brother’s intimate ceremony many years ago as I was starting out as a wedding photographer, followed by Sharron’s sister’s wedding a couple of years back. Seeing glimpses of the love between these two over the years, all culminating in the absolute magic of a timeless love unfurling on their very own special day, a “Garden of Eden” celebration at Boschendal… Their love story starts even further back, having gone to the same primary school and growing together as a couple over the past decade…to capture a love so tangible and pure was a great honour for me and so rewarding to see this sparkle and pride between a couple who have already been together such a long time. They are enthusiastic with a hungry zest for life and a sense of adventure, soaking up very moment with joy and gratitude. Their close-knit families have a warm energy and have set Sharron and Simon off on a wondrous life path where they are pretty well-equipped to make everything in their path sparkle a little bit brighter and I feel their wedding day was a true testament to that. Tzili held the space for a heart-filled ceremony under the trees, a spot on the farm which the couple found through their adventurous spirits, surrounded by their people, their wedding day was like being transported to a magical fairyland for the day, dancing light, beaming smiles, happy souls and hearts alight.

Venue – Boschendal / Coordinated by 2ic Projects / Dress – Kobus Dippenaar / Videography – Handstitched FilmsDécor and Lighting – In and Out Events HiringSound, Lighting and Technical – DNG Presentation StagingFloral – Fleur le CordeurFurniture – ScapeMarquee structure – DowningsHMU – Algria / Band  – Opposite the Other


"Just a little light, that's all I need, just a little sunlight from you and I promise I will grow." ~ Tyler Knott Gregson

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