Sam and Simon

Embassy Hill

Sam and Simon got married on a dazzling, sunshine-filled day at Embassy Hill, nestled in the leafy southern suburbs…the green garden atmosphere lent itself well to be a calming environment for getting ready amongst all of the anticipation of marrying the love of your life, watching guests arrive from the windows, the goslings frolic in the pool, to be surrounded by family and excited friends… The love these two have for each other is a beautiful thing, the pure joy at getting to spend the rest of the their lives together was palpable. I loved all of the details, the artistic, vibrant stationery design, the exquisite florals – the sweet scent a perfume of delight to add to the forest-like fairytale, the donuts were an absolute hit! The ceremony unfolded on the lawn, with a beautiful buddhist tribute to Sam’s dad and red bracelets that the guests tied around each other’s wrists in his honour. Followed by a relaxing cocktail hour on the lawns, before the intimate reception unfolded with hearty food and speeches, laughs and cheers. It’s a beautiful thing, finding a love like this.

Coordinated by Megan Wedding Concepts / Florals – Lush / Stationery – Lara Friday Designs / DJ René / Venue – Embassy Hill / Dress – Janita Toerien

"And I need you. Not in the ways to survive, but in the ways that make life worth living" ~ J.M. Storm

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