Real Life

Rozanne, Sean and Shane

At home

What a treat to photograph baby Shane! Upon my arrival, he was having a nap and when Rozanne went to check on him, I peeked over his cot, camera in front of my face and was surprisingly greeted with his¬†dazzling smile, as he stretched out and his eyes sparkled with excitement! A baby who woks up that happy to a stranger’s face is a dream baby indeed! He was also a total star for the rest of our time together, showing me all of his favourite toys and reading his best story to me, with daddy’s help as well of course! It’s clear how loved this happy botjie is, bonding with dad over the weekends and showered with love and kisses from his lovely mama, who he looks looks just like! Thanks for the fun shoot, playing together and loving nature, happy little family!

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  1. Susie Dwyer

    Really lovely happy family pictures. So well captured.


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