Romi and Ray

The Odyssey

These two did things a littleĀ bit differently for their wedding day, which I absolutely loved! It had so much heart and was true to the two of them, intimate fine moments with their close family and friends! Having said their vows in the relaxing gardens of Welgemeend to the soulful notes of Ray’s music groomsman, we whisked around the city bowl snapping some newlywed happiness and the reception was held at The Odyssey. The informal nature of the day was aligned with their gentle natures and spontaneous hearts, both Romi and Ray are laid-back and no fuss, with the importance being placed on the moments that matter in a profound and humble manner, as the essential life moments unfold. Turns out they live in the same hood as me, love nature and have a pretty darn cool cat! I love it when my work gives me a little glimpse into other people’s lives, and this snippet into Romi and Ray’s was indeed beautiful to behold and capture.

"Darling, you are all I ever wanted love to be" ~ e.s.

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