Nicole and Jason

Harare, Zimbabwe

I had so much fun with these two on an express trip to Harare. This power couple, both owners of their own companies, Nicole is a talented and successful wedding photographer (Eek! Pressure for me!) and Jason founded a successful marketing and events company, Hidden Culture, but I can say with conviction that neither of these two take themselves too seriously! With ten years behind them, they still seem to be in the honeymoon phase and are completely smitten, but seem to have the balance between challenging each other and laughing together perfectly. Jason proposed to Nicole on a recent trip to Paris, sitting eating Nutella crepes by the Seine with a view of the Eiffel Tower! They were waiting to watch the last light show at 1AM, but Nicole, being a typical photographer, kept getting up to take more photos and Jason had to keep calling her back to say the light show was about to start! And I’m sure it really was with that sparkly ring and more than likely some twinkly tears as well as gleaming smiles! Romance is definitely very much alive when it comes to these two! Both are light-hearted and free-spirited and so easy-going, along with the brilliant Kerryn Olivier, styling and make-up, we had such a fun and memorable afternoon and I can’t wait to shoot their Zimbabwean garden wedding this year!

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