Real Life

Nicole, Jason and Logan

Camps Bay, Signal Hill

It’s incredibly rewarding to journey the road with a couple from their engagement, to their wedding, all the way through to parenthood, which has been the case with this lovely duo, Nicole and Jason… And of course now their little mister, Logan! What a treasure to shoot their pure joy and raw love on their first family holiday together. It’s crystal clear how doting they are as parents and their love for him is palpable! All the changes have been taken in their stride and so naturally and all their actions for him shine with a profound love. Logan also ensured many smiles from total strangers on their trip with his warm energy and he won my heart over for sure! Happy heart spending a couple of hours with these three!

"May love be what you remember most" ~ Darcie Sims

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  1. Bev Greenwood

    They are just so amazingly special. Great photography


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