Nicola, Rowan and Gray

At home, Vredehoek

This most sacred time of adjusting into parenthood is such a shattering life stage – in this hazy sleep-deprived, love-soaked bubble, parents are born as well as a baby… And taking on these life roles and attending to another’s needs with no pause can be so difficult but at the same time, the most rewarding task on planet earth. What an honour to capture Nicola, Rowan and three week old Grayson in their home, along with their animated, energetic, charismatic first-born fur-baby, Rupert! With no sleep and a colicky night, the purest love still shone brightly through the exhaustion and the pride and future dreams etched in bonding smiles and gazes to magnify into a future reality. I look forward to seeing you grow and become who you are, little dude!

"May love be what you remember most" ~ Darcie Sims

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