Real Love

Natalie and Neil

The Deep South

What a pleasure to shoot the love and connection between two of my friends! Nat is one of my soul-sisters, pasta-loving, yoga and the sea, keeping it real, straight from the heart, feels deeply and loves Neil with all of her might! Smart and sassy, shooting with her was no doubt going to be a jol! Neil is a frothing surfer always on the hunt for the barrel, logical, patient, full of humour and good vibes! We started off with an attempt to shoot the centre of their universe – the elusive Tenacious, the cat who adopted them as her parents – but she outsmarted us with her tenacity and we couldn’t get the close up portrait of this majestic feline that I had envisioned! From there we adventured and laughed and shot, I was chasing shadows rather than light, but capturing the tenderness between these two loveliest people sparked so much of the passion for my reasons why.

"Take me by the hand and sway me like the sea" ~ Barry Louis Polisar

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  1. Don Jepson

    Absolutely outstanding photos of our son and future daughter in law – thank you for this wonderful record!


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