Real Life

Mom of Boys


What a joy to shoot this wonderfully creative and artistic woman and her infinitely interesting and busy sons! Lara has experienced profound love as well as tremendous loss and feels so deeply along the entire spectrum of human emotion. Kellan, her Schmino/Frog loved finding all of the shells and sea life on the beach and telling me about everything he found, with quiet stolen moments of hugs and play with his mom… Ryder aka Goo, the youngest is physically affectionate and strong for his three year old self, he loves her fiercely and shows it – skipping along holding her hand and playing his harmonica. Lara is a mom of 4 boys and the older two, Cameron and Tyler are in their teenage years, I find it so amazing how they now tower over Lara as they become polite men and I feel so lucky to have captured a special moment of her and all of her four boys altogether!

Little Big Loves

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  1. Monica

    So many timeless images to cherish a lifetime! Lara you must print these…so often images lie in digital format never to grace the walls.
    These are just so special x


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