Megan and Nick

Sea Point, Cape Town

I met with this energetic and “up and at ’em” duo before the sun had even peeked over the Atlantic in prime summer. It was a beautifully calm morning, enveloped with a mysterious mist which created the perfect ambiance to our promenade engagement shoot. Megan and Nick are Seapoint locals who spend a lot of time on the prom – the perfect running location for a sunrise or sunset endorphin-rush or a deep and meaningful chat as the waves crash against the wall and the sky blushes pink at sunset. These two lead healthy and active lifestyles, often competing in night-time trail runs and they invest their spare time in what’s important to them – family and close friends over a healthy meal and hitting some balls around the golf course. I’ve heard rumours that Megan is the pro! Their blonde hair and tanned complexions indicate their outdoor, beachy lifestyle, they care deeply for the environment and our seas and are often exploring what’s under the surface. Their relaxed and well-mannered personalities were such a joy to be around, even before my first cup of coffee! I can’t wait for what will be an incredibly beautiful wedding towards the end of the year, when this lovely couple say their i-dos!

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