Meaghan and James


In the shadows and light beneath the magnitude of the Simonsberg mountains, Meaghan and James held a small and intimate ceremony where beautiful expressions of love unfolded in knowing glimpses, glistening tears, the touch of a hand and beaming smiles all around! Molenvliet held the space for a wonderful destination wedding for these two world explorers and their families and closest friends who all flew across the world to Cape Town to bear witness to a monumental love. The epic backdrop, fine-dining provided by Slippery Spoon, great company and a wonderful time with their closest people was what these two envisioned and that dream became a reality! Meaghan was all about the white flowers and James all about the lush greenery and their main table was a perfect balance of the two and shows how a couple bring both of their magic together to the whole, in terms of a wedding and in terms of making a life together. It was an honour to bear witness to the close bonds and their special, close-knit wedding day, that will burn on in minds and hearts for eternity.

Coordination – Bonton / Hair and Make up – Lisa Brown / DJ – DJ René / Decor – Fox and Co / Videography – Cape Town Wedding Videos / Dress – Cappellazzo Couture / Musician – Gerry Liberty 

"There are worlds in you, and I have fallen in love with every one" ~ Beau Taplin

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