There’s a fine line between wanting to document my explorations with my camera in hand or simply walking through the streets and absorbing it all… So I settled for somewhere in the middle and brought my memory-making device along for a day of meandering about London-town. Amidst the properly-spoken, intellectual murmurs of conversation, opulent boutique stores, pints at pubs, hopping on and off the red buses and the blur of suits, there was an air of happiness in the city. I was told this was because the sun was shining! We ambled through Camden town, Hampstead Heath, Soho and China Town, along South Bank, through galleries and topped off the┬áday with a splash of theatre. My camera stayed at home the next day because the rain returned. Looking forward to the next time!

London__1141 London__1142 London__1143 London__1144 London__1145 London__1146 London__1147 London__1148 London__1149 London__1150 London__1151London__1152 London__1153 London__1154 London__1155 London__1157 London__1158 London__1159 London__1160 London__1161 London__1162 London__1163 London__1164 London__1165 London__1166 London__1167 London__1168 London__1169 London__1170 London__1172 London__1173 London__1174 London__1175 London__1176 London__1177 London__1178 London__1179 London__1180 London__1181 London__1182 London__1183 London__1184 London__1185 London__1186 London__1187 London__1188

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