Lani and Jan

La Paris, Paarl

Wow – I just don’t have the words for this couple or this wedding! Lani and Jan, have a look at their engagement shoot here, are the epitomy of relationship goals…high-school sweethearts, wholesome, drop-dead gorgeous inside and out and not in the cliché kind of way that gets over-stated these days… but in that they are deeply genuine and care so much about the well-being of others whilst living humbly and happily amongst their closest people… family-oriented, impeccable manners and a huge enthusiasm for life! These two dazzled my camera for sure! Jan’s heritage descends from a long-line of rugby players so it was no doubt that he would end up being a star player for the Bulls and debuted for the Springboks back in 2013! Lani was the calmest bride, with a worldy wisdom beyond her years – a talented tennis player and a B-com grad, there is just no stopping this young, driven, dynamic duo! There was a bizarre summer rain that cleansed the landscape the day before and their wedding day dawned cloudy and fresh and evolved into the most perfect day of love, smiles, celebration and sunshine. Their heartfelt ceremony was held inside the Winery with roughly 270 guests holding Lani and Jan in their hearts as they said their i-dos… we then meandered through the rose garden and amongst the hedges, snapping away at the moments of love flared by golden light. This couple are so relaxed and at ease with each other and it’s clear how proud their families and friends are of them, it was so beautiful to witness…And I feel so honoured that I did! I feel the images can tell this story a bit better than I can… enjoy all the magic below!

Venue – La Paris / Hair and Make-up – Corlé Barnard / Dress – Kobus Dippenaar / Videography – White Motion Films / Decor – N Concepts and Designs / Cake – Edible Art Cakes

"I do not know if I will ever be complete, but I know, whatever I am, you will always be the rest of me" ~ Tyler Knott Gregson

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