Real Love

Kristin and Alistair

Cape Town

These two were such a pleasure to photograph, even in the blustering South Easter, the warm and natural glow between them is so clear to see and capture. Having met in 2010, Alistair a pilot for various humanitarian organisations, and Kristin working for one – it was pretty clear that these kind-hearted souls would find eachother and when the timing was right, they re-connected a few years later in Europe, they have since settled in Geneva and love to call the beautiful Cape their second-home, the city where Alistair grew up. They have easy, natural grins and know how to keep one on each other’s face, these two have hearts of gold, love to explore and often head out adventuring for the weekend, with a shared love of wine. Their wedding will no doubt be quite an international affair (Kristin also grew up in Canada!) and will no doubt be elegant and relaxed, just as these two are… I’m so looking forward to capturing more special moments between them, but in the meantime, here is some gorgeous windswept loving!

"Let your love flow where the beautiful things are and something beautiful will always come your way" ~ R.M. Drake

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