Kirsten and Kobus

Due South of Cape Town

This outdoorsy couple got engaged on top of Lion’s Head so a little adventure in a beautiful place was very appropriate for their engagement shoot! Kirsten and Kobus often head out of town for mini getaways over the weekends, very impromptu last minute bookings which lead to loads of fun and random memories. They have a tight knit group of friends and make the most of living it up in this beautiful city we love to call home. Their life so far is vividly coloured with travels, horse jumps, popping bottles of bubbles and chasing sunsets! This logical yet fun-loving, entrepreneurial yet environmentally aware couple have come a long way since they first met at the renowned Deco Dance and have supported each other through so much already – a firm foundation in place for what promises to be a beautiful marriage! I’m so excited to shoot their wedding at the end of the year!

By the way, I'm wearing the smile you gave me

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  1. Lindie Meyer

    This is so beautiful! You are incredibly talented Kristi.

    • Kristi

      Thank you so much, Lindie!


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