Real Love

Kim and Arran

Cape Town Citybowl

On the morning of the engagement shoot with Kim and Arran, who were in town for the weekend from JHB, in typical Cape-Tonian style, the wind blustered and fat drops of rain pelted down all over our first location! The light was beautiful though, but the need for coffee called out to us louder than the need for getting soaked and cold! We settled in as the first avid coffee-drinkers early on a Sunday at the vibe and industrial hangout of Truth! The friendly staff loaded us up with some quality caffeine and I got to know Kim and Arran a bit more before heading out to the city bowl, and, as Murphy would have it, the sun beamed out, a tad too brightly now – temperamental Cape Town! These two have surpassed the odds of a long-distance relationship for two years, they are both furthering their studies and working at the same time and still make the time to lead active lifestyles! In fact it was on one of their morning park runs where Arran proposed to Kim, and they were the only two at the time in their favourite park! They share a love of Italian food and often frequent their cosy, local restaurant, and nurture their closest relationships… I’m so excited to shoot their intimate wedding soon, which will be the first wedding of the new year for me! Enjoy these cosy moments with this warm and happy duo!

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" ~ Audrey Hepburn

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