Jodi and Braam

What a pleasure to meet up with Jodi and Braam on their family friend’s farm in the rolling Durbanville hills. They drove up from Plett for the weekend and our only time slot was mid-afternoon with enough time to wrap up so that they could drive back home that Sunday evening… As fate would have it, some high clouds rolled in creating some perfect diffused light to document the love these two have for each other as well as their compassion for animals. When nature intervenes on that level is when I know that the couple has something truly special. These two actually met through their passion for horses at an endurance ride in Braam’s hometown. It turns out that their mothers had studied radiography together, but lost contact AND it just so happens that Jodi’s grandpa had taught Braam’s dad during his years of studying medicine! As you can tell, there is no shortage of synchronicity around this union. Braam’s dad had bred and sold a horse to this family friend 15 years ago and this incredible horse features in this blog post… a cancer survivor with scars to prove it and the most gentle, loving nature… without a doubt made from the same mould as this couple. Jodi is studying Veterinary physiotherapy in rehabilitation of horses and dogs etc. Braam works on a farm in Plett – his booming voice and fun-loving personality compliments Jodi’s softness perfectly and I really enjoyed our short time together. I’m looking forward to documenting their monumental day… Soon!

It was always you

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  1. Katy Verdonk

    Beautiful pictures. Captured the irlove for each other and for their love of horses and the natural world. Beautiful subjects, horses and venue as well! Congratulations all round.


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