Jade and Matt

Emily Moon, Plettenberg Bay

When Jade first contacted me about shooting their wedding and wrote¬†me a bit of their history¬†– I had a hunch that it would be a magical day, love-filled to the brim with heartfelt moments…I could not have anticipated the level of love and joy experienced on a cool April day in Plett as these two star-crossed lovers made their lifelong vows. Having been at high school together and known each other for ten years, they have pretty much grown up together, they share the same friend group… and it’s always been the other, before they consciously knew it (even though all their friends knew it!) When the time was right, as predicted by forces greater than them, something in their hearts shifted and they knew they were meant to be and always had been. The thunderous applause and cheering which celebrated their first kiss will resound with me for a long time… these are soul people, sea people, they feel a lot and have so much kindness to give and their union will result in great things, bigger than them… It was so rewarding for me to capture a love like this, the kind that poets write about. The Balinese, earthy feel of Emily Moon was the perfect venue for them, sheer breathtaking natural beauty, overlooking the estuary and as fate would happen, a date opened up just for them, Plett holds a special place in their hearts from their past and now always will! These memories, the look in their eyes and the pure heart and soul from this day will always be a highlight for me.

"There's something almost surreal about what we share together. Like we are connected at the soul. Our spirits entangled. Like two rivers winding alongside one other, sometimes in separate directions, but always towards the ocean" ~ Beau Taplin

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