I adore this ethnic city! Brimming with history and diversity: colours, smells, and spices! There is so much to look at and take in every second and such interesting faces inhabiting the cobbled narrow streets of Istanbul. And the FOOD! Pomegranate juice crushed on every street corner, chestnuts roasting as the sun sets… Every flavour of Turkish delight you can imagine, laced in rose petals or crushed pistachio… and just as many tea flavours to wash it down with! The population is vast, the droves of tourists contributing to this greatly, as well as the street cats, well looked-after by the locals.  A city of vast contrast… I can’t wait to go back and take more pictures of what I see! But for now I will let these images tell the story of a day in Istanbul as they say so much more than I can!

Istanbul__0574 Istanbul__0575 Istanbul__0576 Istanbul__0577 Istanbul__0578 Istanbul__0579 Istanbul__0580 Istanbul__0581 Istanbul__0582 Istanbul__0583 Istanbul__0584 Istanbul__0586 Istanbul__0587 Istanbul__0588 Istanbul__0589 Istanbul__0590 Istanbul__0591 Istanbul__0592 Istanbul__0593 Istanbul__0594 Istanbul__0595 Istanbul__0596 Istanbul__0597 Istanbul__0598 Istanbul__0599 Istanbul__0600 Istanbul__0602Istanbul__0603 Istanbul__0604 Istanbul__0605 Istanbul__0606 Istanbul__0607 Istanbul__0608 Istanbul__0610 Istanbul__0611 Istanbul__0612 Istanbul__0613 Istanbul__0614 Istanbul__0615 Istanbul__0616 Istanbul__0617 Istanbul__0618 Istanbul__0619 Istanbul__0620 Istanbul__0621 Istanbul__0622 Istanbul__0623 Istanbul__0624 Istanbul__0625 Istanbul__0627 Istanbul__0629 Istanbul__0630 Istanbul__0632 Istanbul__0633 Istanbul__0634 Istanbul__0635 Istanbul__0637 Istanbul__0638 Istanbul__0639 Istanbul__0640 Istanbul__0641 Istanbul__0642 Istanbul__0643 Istanbul__0644 Istanbul__0645 Istanbul__0646 Istanbul__0647 Istanbul__0648 Istanbul__0649 Istanbul__0650 Istanbul__0651 Istanbul__0652 Istanbul__0653 Istanbul__0654 Istanbul__0655 Istanbul__0656 Istanbul__0657 Istanbul__0658 Istanbul__0659 Istanbul__0660 Istanbul__0661 Istanbul__0662 Istanbul__0663 Istanbul__0664 Istanbul__0665 Istanbul__0666 Istanbul__0667 Istanbul__0668 Istanbul__0669 Istanbul__0670 Istanbul__0671 Istanbul__0672 Istanbul__0673 Istanbul__0674

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