Ingrid and Max

The City Bowl, Cape Town

Some of my favourite snaps from a recent city adventure with Ingrid and Max who were able to squeeze in a shoot with me on a whirlwind trip to Cape Town from Germany, in-between queues at home affairs and some much-needed beach-time with friends! They danced spontaneously amongst the colourful backdrop of the oldest residential suburb in the city bowl, gulped down a cocktail at The Orphanage and raced up to Signal Hill for some action shots before the much anticipated rain hit the drought-stricken region! These two were so much fun together and gave so much energy – I can’t wait to document their wedding day at the end of the year!

"It is who I am...these bones...this heart...my soul...It is who I am to love you so" ~ A.R. Asher

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  1. Lance

    Beautiful pics of Max and Ingrid.

  2. Shan

    Thank you for sharing the magic!

  3. Ian Stopforth

    Beautiful composition and great light capture. A different and invigorating perspective!
    Two lovely subjects and an indubitably accomplished photographer!

  4. Carl

    These photos are magnificent! Ingrid and Max look amazing together. Love you guys!

  5. wolsky home

    Beautiful, creative pics! Their energy and enthusiasm are captured very well! Thank you.

  6. wolsky home

    Photographs are beautiful and creative!
    The couple’s energy and enthusiasm are captured very well!

    Thank you
    Juergen and Jenny

  7. Bianca

    Beautiful moments captured! Ingrid, you look stunning!


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