Ingrid and Max

Lothian Vineyards

Photographing these special moments was such a pleasure… lighthearted and close family, connected friendships, lots of emotion, an incredibly relaxed bride and groom and an unbelievable setting. The bright colours in keeping with the fun and relaxed atmosphere for this wedding. Ingrid and Max live in Germany, she’s a surgeon and he works for a company that makes model cars! How cool! These two balance each other perfectly – Max was keen on a dinosaur-themed wedding and Ingrid threw in a few hints and surprises along the way. These two are so incredibly kind and generous, they gifted all of their friends, and also had a guest book made with hand-written impressions of their first time meeting each guest. Their thoughtfulness was astounding and they made the effort to spend time with each guest. Such a warm-hearted family and so much love around, it was absolutely infectious! Enjoy the photos!

"Like breathing, loving you is the most natural thing I've ever known" ~ Alicia N. Green

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