Holly and Rob

Vilanculos, Mozambique

Holly and Rob lived up to the dream they had envisioned of getting married on a tropical beach in Mozambique, with their toes in the sand, under African skies and surrounded by their closest loved ones. Casual, fun-loving, full of laughs, displays of warmth and affection and many sentimental moments… This time of transition into marriage is also aligned with resigning from their jobs and travelling around America together. So having a celebration with all the people they love was paramount to them – Holly’s empathetic energy was beautiful to photograph, the love truly visible… Rob’s reputation preceded him as I only heard amazing things about an incredible man, before I met him and throughout the wedding. Together these two are perfect pieces of the puzzle. Holly’s brother held the space for them to say their personally written vows to each other on the shores of Vila do Paraiso, where the staff lovingly wove the decor for their day, letting their creative freedom flow. The reception was held under the stars with seafood galore, a blazing fire followed by dancing the night away with a truly fun group of family and friends.

Your fingers entwined slowly with mine, and suddenly, life made sense" ~ Perry

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