Helen and Josh

Table Mountain

This mountain top adventure with the lovely Helen and Josh got a bit of the adrenaline flowing! With the siren buzzing that the cableway was closing and my¬†light only just starting to turn fantastic, we pushed the limits before catching the last cable car down! I loved shooting these two and am so excited for the road ahead with them! Being “wingmen” for their respective friends (who quickly ditched them!) they hit it off in, dare I say, Tiger Tiger! Since then they’ve had visa battles and endured long-distance as Josh lives in Zim, but nothing can stand in the way of real love.This proposal was like no other involving surprise roses,a champagne breakfast,followed by a manicure, a visit to a chocolate boutique, a secret note in a sunflower, a helicopter ride over the peninsula culminating in a surprise picnic in the Constantia vineyards and this proper prince down on one knee! Josh, you definitely made sure the answer would be yes! After this dream of a day, there was a surprise party with their family, friends and favourite band – surely a day to treasure and remember forever! Until it gets topped by the wedding day! Helen and Josh are perfectly balanced – he is more extroverted with his booming voice and enthusiasm for friends and adventure and sports, Helen is more the quiet homebody, deep-thinking, calm, creative and sophisticated… Already, this young couple understand their love languages, have spontaneous dances in supermarket aisles and explore all the beauty around them. All recipes for a great marriage! It hasn’t been an easy road to get to, but here is the beginning of the happily ever after and I am so thrilled for them and so excited to shoot their upcoming nuptials!

"Body, like the mountain, heart, like the ocean, mind, like the sky" ~ Dogen

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  1. Tabitha

    Breathtaking!! Kristi, your work is truly on another level! <3


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