Faces of Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

I was only in Sri Lanka for a week, in a small surfing town called Arugam Bay. But it felt like a lifetime and I already feel that familiar ache of missing a place. My husband and I went on a surf trip, a break from weddings and work, but I ventured out with my camera for a little tour of a nearby neighbourhood – I couldn’t shoot for long as my senses were so overwhelmed with the sights, colours, smiles, emotions and interaction with all of these special humans! The right conversations found their way to my ears, the words absorbed and lessons learnt, the smiles and gleams in eyes danced within me, the calm and peaceful moments taught me to slow down, the crowded waves taught me to stand tall and strong and I’m left with gratitude, excitement and a whole new way of being…All from just one week of meeting new people and being open to what life is possible of becoming when we flow with it and not try to fight for what we want from it. I can’t wait to go back for more 4AM surf missions, riding on a tuk-tuk amidst elephants and buffalo, the warm water swirling around my legs, shards of sunlight dazzling the wind-tousled surface as waves curl over and break, the spicy curries, aromas of incense, the mesmerising sound of chanting praises to various gods…Milk tea! (Made with condensed milk)…and friendly head bobbles when asking for directions reminiscent of a Bollywood movie! This is a place where you can’t help but smile and feel connected to all that is. Thank you, beautiful people of Arugam bay – can’t wait to see you again!

You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars ~ Buddha

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  1. Selma

    One word….goosebumps! These are SO AMAZING! Feels like I was THERE! Awesome work! ♥

  2. Dale

    …just breathtaking!

  3. Eva

    Brings me back to 1994…… Great pics

  4. Victoria

    Oh my gosh! These photos are incredible!! I can’t wait for Sri Lanka! Those cat’s eyes though… is that for real?

    • Kristi

      Those eyes are for real! And there is another cat, exactly the same, except the opposite eyes being blue and green! (You can find them at Hideaway)


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