Esmari and Cilliers

Cape Town City Bowl

Wow, these two! When we first met for coffee to chat about their wedding, the connection between them buzzed across the table and their enthusiasm for life, for photos, for each other is paramount! We clicked instantly and immediately got excited about planning their engagement shoot and wedding photos! Esmari, an engineer, and Cilliers, a teacher and also a budding photographer, have many years behind them and CilliersĀ hadn’t quite fooled Esmari when he planned a “shoot” in harsh midday light in the Franschhoek mountains close to where they live… (the shoot was actually a proposal!) These two opted for the backdrop of the Cape Town citybowl for their engagement photos, in stark contrast to their winter wedding which will be held at a gorgeous venue nestled in the hillside of the Franschhoek mountains. They met me with warm smiles and excited anticipation and we had so much fun together hopping from spot to spot and delighting inĀ the photogenic nooks and crannies that this fabulous city has to offer. This couple is so naturally comfortable together and the spark and happiness between them was such a joy for me to photograph. We finished off at the Sunstar – an installation constructed on Signal Hill by Chris Swift… a symbol of unity, peace and a reflection upon the past, present and great hopes for the future in terms of our environment, community and sustainability… An apt symbol to serve as a reminder for these lovebirds as they move on to their next chapter as a married couple.

Esmari and Cilliers__1232

Esmari and Cilliers__1233

Esmari and Cilliers__1235

Esmari and Cilliers__1236

Esmari and Cilliers__1237

Esmari and Cilliers__1239

Esmari and Cilliers__1240

Esmari and Cilliers__1241

Esmari and Cilliers__1242

Esmari and Cilliers__1243

Esmari and Cilliers__1244

Esmari and Cilliers__1245

Esmari and Cilliers__1246

Esmari and Cilliers__1247

Esmari and Cilliers__1248

Esmari and Cilliers__1249

Esmari and Cilliers__1252

Esmari and Cilliers__1253

Esmari and Cilliers__1254

Esmari and Cilliers__1255

Esmari and Cilliers__1256

Esmari and Cilliers__1257Esmari and Cilliers__1258

Esmari and Cilliers__1259

Esmari and Cilliers__1260

Esmari and Cilliers__1261

Esmari and Cilliers__1262

Esmari and Cilliers__1263

Esmari and Cilliers__1264

Esmari and Cilliers__1266

Esmari and Cilliers__1268

Esmari and Cilliers__1269

Esmari and Cilliers__1270

Esmari and Cilliers__1272

Esmari and Cilliers__1273

Esmari and Cilliers__1274

Esmari and Cilliers__1275

Esmari and Cilliers__1276

Esmari and Cilliers__1277

Esmari and Cilliers__1278

Esmari and Cilliers__1279

Esmari and Cilliers__1280

Esmari and Cilliers__1281

Esmari and Cilliers__1282

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