Bianca and Roland

Cape Town City Bowl

These two have 7 years behind them and many many more ahead of them. Sparks flew and laughs escaped lips between tender kisses and private jokes. These two love the city, culture, coffee, cool weather and books so we had a great wintry morning exploring the Cape Town city bowl finding all these things! After our city stroll,  we had a break at Los Muertos coffee shop amidst motorcycle parts in Bokaap, highly recommended and fantastic coffee! We ended off at The Book Lounge in Roeland Street where these two were truly in their happy place… I’m sure that I could have shot them there for hours. I can’t wait for their magical Winter Wonderland Wedding in Wellington next year! Enjoy these pics amidst our gorgeous city!

*Bianca’s Make-Up by Corlé Barnard

Bianca and Roland__1189 Bianca and Roland__1190Bianca and Roland__1191 Bianca and Roland__1192 Bianca and Roland__1193 Bianca and Roland__1194 Bianca and Roland__1196 Bianca and Roland__1198 Bianca and Roland__1199 Bianca and Roland__1200 Bianca and Roland__1201 Bianca and Roland__1202 Bianca and Roland__1203 Bianca and Roland__1204 Bianca and Roland__1205 Bianca and Roland__1206 Bianca and Roland__1207 Bianca and Roland__1208 Bianca and Roland__1210 Bianca and Roland__1211 Bianca and Roland__1212 Bianca and Roland__1214 Bianca and Roland__1215 Bianca and Roland__1217 Bianca and Roland__1218 Bianca and Roland__1219 Bianca and Roland__1220 Bianca and Roland__1221 Bianca and Roland__1224 Bianca and Roland__1225 Bianca and Roland__1226 Bianca and Roland__1227 Bianca and Roland__1229 Bianca and Roland__1230 Bianca and Roland__1231


  1. Johann & Theresa

    Mooi kinders ! You make us proud.

  2. Roxanne

    STUNNING couple! fab photos!!!

  3. Cara Marais

    Absoluut Beautiful!

  4. Tami b

    If I’m lucky enough to find that man , I want a shoot just like this! They are awesome shots. Romanitc and touched by golden light!

  5. Lara Cronje


  6. Ingrid Dorp

    Stunning !!! So proud to say that is my Son
    And further daughter in law xxx

  7. Tania

    Bouwer se kalf!!! WOW dis nice pics van julle twee. Bianca I love the one you drinking coffee ouf of the mug, absolutely stunning!! Love the ones where you show your pearly whites! I am proud to say you are my niece!!

  8. Justin

    Wow, truly inspirational & amazing work!!


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