Beth and Ross

South Hill

Beth and Ross have had their fair share of work to get to where they are today… having met in London at a law firm they both worked at, they were immediately swept into a love bubble for the rest of that year… getting to know each other and that new exciting feeling of having met someone it feels like your heart has known forever…That bubble erupted one day when Ross was in a serious accident and landed up in a coma and almost died… it was touch and go for a while and he came back to SA for physio and recuperation, staying with his parents, where Beth would come and visit. Like any good love story, they travelled the entire world to be together and faced relearning a lot of things… But there is a happy ever after here, culminating in their magical wedding day in sunny South Africa! Beth’s happy personality beaming through her dazzling smile and bellowing laughter, she beamed all day long, Ross keeping her on her toes and making her laugh even more, if that’s possible! A mix of cultures and traditions and a wonderful celebration of love!

"It beats it breaks it loves it aches. For you. Only you." ~ perry

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  1. Sandra King

    Fantastic – thank you Kristi – you have captured Beth and Ross perfectly! x


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