Barbara and Mario


Barbara and Mario are a super relaxed couple from Spain, who have chosen to settle in the Cape for a while, as well as to get married here, with all their wonderful friends and family from abroad! They are true adventurers at heart with an easygoing nature and a passion for life! I started documenting their love story on their big day at the church, followed by the reception at Tokara, with many surprises throughout the day, including karaoke and a mechanical bull! What struck me most were the beautifully heartfelt displays of emotions, their friends are truly so close and felt it all with them – there were many tears! Photos together were not top of their list as they didn’t want to miss out on a single moments with their friends, although I’m glad to have snuck them out for a few snaps at sunset, the magic they have together was definitely worth its moment alone in the spotlight! I’ll let the images tell the story!


Coordinated by 2ic Events / Venue – Tokara / Hair and makeup – Corlé Barnard / Flowers and decor – Okasie

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." ~ John Kabat-Zinn

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