Real Life

Ashton, Nic, Aaron and Frankie

At Home

Ashton and Nic have created a beautiful life, home and family and it was such a treat for me to see how far they’ve come on their journey through marriage since photographing their wedding day a few years ago. Frankie, their furry first born (staffie) is incredibly photogenic and tried to steal the show more than a few times, as did Aaron’s sidekick elephant. (My absolute favourite image of him squealing with glee!) Ashton and Nic are patient, attentive, in this together, doing their utmost to continually work on themselves, their relationship, their environment and constantly bettering themselves and those around them. Steadfast, logical, loving. They are parents who play, and nothing makes my heart happier than witnessing the freedom of that simple expression of liveliness in their every day life. What a joy to photograph this exceptional and warm family, and I hope little Aaron enjoys these captured moments when he looks back on his life.

A union of hearts alight

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