Ann and Scott

Vrede en Lust

A beautiful summer winelands wedding unfolded amidst the vines, a mix of Danish and American proclaiming their love, with tears of joy under a vibrant floral arch. This was such a relaxed wedding day – the youtube tutorials explaining how to wrap the bridesmaids infinity dresses, the calm elegance that was Ann, the monumental promises made during the vows, predrinks to the marina beats and so many proud and happy faces. As Ann and Scott exited their ceremony, their guests all wore animal masks, a true testament to their lighthearted and fun natures. The evening was sprinkled with games and Danish traditions with a few surprises along the way! An utterly heart-warming day and wonderful memories to keep alive.

"My heart is so full of you, I can hardly call it my own" ~ Liana RĂ£dulescu

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