Andre, Lexi and Sophia Gem

The Glen

A sunset stroll, searching for dogs amongst the forest leaves and stolen kisses with mama and dada! Clutching tightly onto their hands and hugging them tightly, swinging in the air interspersed with elbow-swinging bursts of running with gusto, haloed by beams of light! Followed by a visit at last light to the little spot where mama and dada got engaged and a night-time ritual group hug. What a joy to be a toddler exploring the world and what a joy for me to shoot this happy and connected little family!

"I am meant to love you, it's as simple as that, I am not capable of unlighting the stars." ~ a.r asher

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  1. Neil

    These are just some of the finest photo’s I have ever seen! What a beautiful family. Should be the cover page for “Your family “


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