Alexa and Shawn


I loved every little thing about this down to earth, simplistic, earthy, back to basics wedding. Alexa and Shawn, as well as their families, are some of the loveliest people I have had the privilege to meet and work with. Originally from Canada, currently living in Scotland, these world adventurers dreamed of getting married in a greenhouse, they love South Africa and so their nearest and dearest travelled around the world to come and celebrate their love in an intimate and casual setting at the breathtaking gardens of┬áBabylonstoren. Alexa’s brother did the ceremony, there weren’t many dry eyes in the greenhouse… They dined at one table, in a cosy setting in the white room, laughter tinkling, sharing jokes and stories and every family member having a moment for honest heartfelt words. This wedding was genuine, real and filled to the brim of breathtaking beauty and emotion, the focus set on all the things that mattered and I had such a fun heart as the day drew to an end, with the mom of a bride dancing with the speaker in her hands, the life and soul of the party!

"You will be the clouds and I will be the sky. You will be the ocean and I will be the shore. You will be the trees and I will be the wind. Whatever we are, you and I will always collide." ~ R.M. Drake

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