Alexa and Julio


Alexa and Julio (have a peek at their engagement shoot here) are high school sweethearts who tied the knot at the 17th century premiere estate of Nooitgedacht, the first family wedding on both sides, in a day beautifully masterminded by the elegance and creativity of Anne Mann. Alexa got ready to marry the love of her life at her family home, surrounded by her entourage of fun-loving bridesmaids and her incredibly close family, even the pet bulldog got in on the high fives and love! Alexa walked down the aisle, lush with 16 meters of greenery suspended from the ceiling, holding tightly to the arm of her ever-proud father as she approached her eagerly waiting groom. The sheer delight on their faces as they exchanged rings was reflected in their guests expressions, over 200 of them and after the ceremony, celebrations and feasting ensued under the 200 year old oak trees, with Italian and Portuguese inspired flavours in line with the heritage of both families… The cellar turned dining hall evolved into a fairytale foresty wonderland by Fleur le Cordeur – the succulents grown by the mother of the bride – and the guests (and the bridal couple), were surprised by the undercover opera singers who had been acting as staff all night, who then whipped out a surprise show out of their (chef) hats, including serenading Alexa’s Italian grandmother, what an incredible performance – the singers from Elegant Entertainment had all the guests on their feet! Then DJ René continued the beats as the dance floor was invaded with happy stomping feet and the party ensued under the indigo lights. These two are wise beyond their years and it’s clear how deeply tied they are to the bonds of family… and all the fun is only just beginning for these two explorers!

Pronovias / FJS Productions / Something Different / Urban Tonic / Mary Gouveia

"I love you baby, and if it's quite alright
I need you baby to warm the lonely nights" ?

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