Family and the people in our lives are what matter the most to us and it’s these natural moments of engaging and connection that interest me the most. Having lost my mother to cancer in my twenties, I’m very focused on the family bonds, as well as recently becomng a mother to my most precious little boy, and realising that the people around you are what make you, you.

I have a sensitive heart and love to capture the vibrations of life, the simmering between light and shadow, joy and pain, the realm of emotions which make us human. Shooting such a happy and emotional and personal day and having these wonderful people let me in to this part of their lives is a complete privilege and not a task that I take lightly…too seriously either! I’m less focused on the perfect and the pretty and more on what was felt, what was said, how it was witnessed by me.

When I’m not shooting or editing, I’m spending quality time with my husband, our happy-go-lucky, energetic, humorous and independent son and our majestic boston terriers… A soul surfer at heart, I’m always up for a dance with the ocean or some time in nature wondering and admiring the view from our beautiful mountains.