Theresa and Jonathan


From the Canadian cold to the warm Summer breeze of Cape Town… The majestic backdrop of dappled light dancing on the pewter surface of towering mountains as these two clasped hands and finally said their i-dos in the quaint little chapel nestled amongst the vineyards at Zorgvliet, smiles beaming out of their faces! Nothing like emigrating during your engagement to interfere with your wedding plans, but the sheer delight of finally marrying their best friend with all their family and friends around made it all worth it… The thunderous applaud during the first kiss was a testament to this! It’s clear that Theresa and Jonathan have nestled at home in each others hearts, completely themselves and at ease with each other, a strong supportive unit sharing the same life purpose in helping others, as both are in the medical field. What I loved the most about this wedding was seeing so many doctors let their hair down on the dance floor! I love the way Theresa laughed whole-heartedly with her girls, unassuming and full of fun and the way Jonathan’s creative mind spilled over pages and pages of speeches and resulted in a very free-flowing and unrehearsed moment at the podium. It’s all these little moments that make up the memories that make up the woven tapestries of a colourful life and Theresa and Jonathan are without a doubt, creating a masterpiece!

Venue – Zorgvliet / Coordinated by Crystal Dorr / Decor – My Pretty Vintage / Scribble Cake – Tessa’s Bakery / Ice Lollies – Las Paletas / Live Music – Aston Wylie  / Caricature Artist – Theodore / DJ Glen / Make up – Roxy Evans / Hair Stylist – Chantalle Brown / Stationery Design – Hashtag Studios

"Falling for him wasn't falling at all, it was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you're home" r.i.d

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