Mandy and Jevon


The weather came to the party with a perfect Summer’s day for Mandy and Jevon on the day they tied the knot at the charming boathouse at Rockhaven, nestled in the relaxed Elgin valley… Not a cloud in the sky, warm in the sun, cool in the shade and a gentle enough breeze! Theresa from Creation Events co-ordinated everything together with an effectiveness and pride in what she does and was incredibly accommodating to us all. All of the good things and all of the good vibes! What I loved the most about this couple was how close knit their ties are to family, I could feel the connection and loving bond, the children an integral part of their lives and a testament to how they would be as parents one day. Mandy’s godmother curated the ceremony so perfectly and incredibly proud family and friends watched on, holding a supportive space for this lovely couple. A healthy sense of humour and robustness, these are people who love to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life, like a Chardonnay under a tree with loved ones, and this is family that loves. There is nothing I love more than children at weddings, they always bring that unbridled joy as well as some unpredictable wildness. There were many sentiments on the day, handwritten notes, thoughtful gifts… Jevon wrote Mandy a card for every future anniversary, only to be opened then and we all melted! Another huge hit at the wedding was Mandy’s 99 year old grandpa and the cheerful sparkle in his eye absolutely made my day, as well as Jevon’s 90+ grandmother – the matriarch and patriarch of both families and the gratitude and respect was tangible, the privilege of having them there on their special day. Jevon’s groomsmen were full to the brim of hilarious stories and poking fun at the man of the moment and its clear that this bond of friendship runs deep! When I skyped with Mandy and Jevon pre-wedding – I noticed that they have a huge respect for each other, they consulted each other before responding and their affection and connection was a joy to witness. They are in it for the long haul! Congratulations to the lovely couple!


Coordinated by Theresa of Creation Events, Dress – Robyn Roberts, Hair and Make up – Cecilia Fourie / Videography – Popped Red Balloon /Decor and flowers – Botanica Flowers/ Musician – Kai Liam Connor / Cake – Sara Lohmaier /Lighting and dance floor – 4 Every Event /DJ – DJ Shylo

He had those kind of eyes that shone with the light of "Everything will be OK" ~ Atticus

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