Kristy and Adam

Vrede en Lust

What a beautiful wedding day in the Cape Winelands for this utterly lovely pilot duo! Having met in Maun, Botswana where work brought them to the same part of the world, the spark was lit and their relationship persevered with Adam based in West Africa and Kristy in Australia… Having always had distance between them, they can finally settle as husband and wife in Australia! I loved documenting this couple, Kristy and Adam were a total joy from the moment I met them, right through to our goodbyes on the wedding day – polite and organised, warm and welcoming, and full of good humour, they love to laugh and cry (the happy kind) … their love for each other as clear as night and day, and as expressed through the joyful tears whilst saying their vows. So many happy sentiments throughout the day and what emotion! The jokes and closeness with their friends was a pleasure to see, as well as the close family ties and relationships – pride radiated off the faces of family and friends, the day unfolded like a fairytale and Kristy was on the receiving end of her dream wedding with vineyards and mountains, and of course, the man of her dreams! My most favourite moment was when they held hands through the door, reading their handwritten cards to each other before seeing each other at the ceremony, what an emotionally charged and special moment! This is also something they always did before Adam went back on contract, so this was really special. Thank you for the magic, Kristy and Adam!

Venue – Vrede en Lust / Make up and hair – Helga Bridal /Dress – Pronovias / Flowers and decor – N Concepts and Designs / Stationery – the very talented bride herself /  Pre-drinks Band – Acoustic Element / Reception Band – Me and Mr Green / Groomsmen suits – Woolworths / Bridesmaid dresses – Amsale / Bridesmaid gowns – silkandmore / Cake – Kelly Pilkington

"My love, it is a long time from here to the stars so let us travel the rest as one." ~ Atticus

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