Kristina and Sergio

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This wedding was like a fairytale, the kind of awe and wonder and lovestruck moments where you have to pinch yourself to check that it’s real… Kristina and Sergio are a match made in heaven, the synchronicity and timing that brought them together is serendipitous. And how they have flown with that onto epic adventures (literally)… these two are avid cyclists and it was their love of the sport which brought them together and how they connected, the real, nitty gritty way to really get to know someone…especially when wearing cycling gear! Kristina got ready at her family home and what a treat for me to see all of the lovely faces again, after shooting her sister’s wedding last year – I just adore this family, their closeness, caring and supportive nature really is inspirational and family is at the cornerstone of each of their lives. Both Kristina and Sergio have an Italian heritage and the theme for their wedding was very much centred around “la dolce vita”  – the sweet life! Most of the wedding day was a surprise for Kristina, starting off with a pair of handmade Italian wedding shoes and then the entire reception was all unknown to her, including a surprise dance during mains!  Sergio collaborated with Kristina’s mother as well as the mastermind of Anne Mann to conceptualise a colourful and very unique reception from the norm… a marquee was set up, for the dinner and entertainment and the reception hall was transformed into a lounge/club with chill out pockets and a black dance floor to the beats of DJ Rene. The vibrant flower arrangements reflected Kristina’s effervescent personality perfectly and her dress totally blew me away with it’s flowing shape, fit for a princess. In the lead up to the wedding, Sergio suffered the monumental loss of his father…a devastating time. But I can see how loved and supported he is, integral to Kristina’s family and to be able to celebrate love and the happy moments through grief is what gets us through on this life journey, seeing the “small” moments way more sweetly and finding a new appreciation for the everyday life that it’s so easy to take for granted when we get caught up in all the “stuff”. These two have been through a lot this past year, loss, career change, a house move and now settling into life as newlyweds -they take all of this change in their stride, both so strong-willed and such go-getters – I know these two will make a beautiful marriage and life together and it was a total honour for me to shoot their big day! I loved every moment of it!


Coordinated by Anne Mann / Flowers – Fleur le Cordeur / Make up – Algria / Hair – Mary Gouveia / Dress – Antonio Riva / Videography – FJS

Sei la mia stella polare

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