Kirsten and Kobus

Hawksmoor House

Kirsten and Kobus both have an adventurous streak, they love travelling and exploring, fine wine and conversations with the best people in their lives, driven in their careers and so well-martched – it’s lovely to see! (Check out their engagement shoot here) I loved spending their big day with them… They wed at the classic and historical Hawksmoor House. There were so many special moments between them and the people closest in their lives and it’s clear how much value they place on these relationships and it reflects in the shared pride all the guests had for them tying the knot. What I loved the most about their ceremony was the respectful wish for an unplugged wedding…the guests put their phones and cameras away and shared in the sacred and emotional moments which led to these two becoming husband and wife and it was really special. Kirsten’s dress made by Elbeth Gillis came alive in the wind and she looked absolutely radiantly happy, her supportive husband mirrored this glow – these two truly are a great team, having already gone through many of life’s ups and downs¬†together. The summer afternoon sparkled with the clinks of creative cocktails and warm chatter…The evening commenced with some fine dining under the stars and an array of funny and heartfelt speeches and later on, everyone hit the dance floor – a true sign of a successful and very much enjoyed wedding day! I’m so excited for these two and their next chapter together.

Coordinated by :- Bonton Event Specialists / Make-up and Hair – Nadia Calitz / Stationery – Seven Swans and Stacey Burr / Decor – Opus Studio / Catering – Zest Catering / Staff/Bar –¬†Urban Tonic / Entertainment – Lexi Frame

"Yours is the light by which my spirit is born : you are my sun, my moon and all my stars" ~ E.E. Cummings

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  1. Marie

    Kristi, just love the photos! You have really captured the happiness and love we all experienced.


  2. Annette

    Beautiful photos and captured some gems from the day.



  3. Allan

    Great pictures displaying what was a great event where two gorgeous people landed up married. Love all the happy energy.


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