Kate and Mike

The Oaks Estate, Greyton

This happy¬†couple said their i-dos under the dappled trees at one of my firm favourites, The Oaks Estate in Greyton. Kate was the loveliest bride, her dazzling smile beaming, her radiant natural beauty and earthy and relaxed nature made her such a joy to photograph… She is thoughtful and giving and has a way with children. Her¬†glow also enhanced by the most perfect baby bump, their little boy soon to join this wonderful family and it’s clear that he is so loved already… With 9 years behind them, these two have a solid foundation and know how to have a great time and to not take things too seriously… they are very-much loved by their friends and family and spending quality time with all of their guests who had travelled to South Africa to celebrate with them was paramount! I loved the gentle pastel tones, the open spaces, the tinkling laughter and chatter, clouds soaring overhead, soaking up sunshine and love and the casual South African influenced cuisine – what a wonderful wedding day for two very special people!


Coordinated by Bonton Events / Dress – Robyn Roberts / Videography – White Lines / Make up – Yolande du Toit / Flowers – Okasie / DJ – DJ Chopper / Catering – Slippery Spoon Kitchen

"If I was a flower growing wild and free all I'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee"

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  1. greg shaw

    Wow – fantastic memories- world class

    After 33 years being married it still gives me a thrill to be able to pull out my wedding pictures and relive the day, and to wonder at how young we all looked 33years ago .
    What you have here is priceless – well done to the photographers for capturing a beautiful wedding.


  2. Michael J Levett

    I second Greg’s Wow! a beautiful wedding in an amazing setting!
    It was a delight to see a Mike & Kate looking so happy to be getting married and the wonderful photos really bring the occasion to life!

    Mike & Helen


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