Hayley and Amir

Hawksmoor House

Hayley has a tattoo on her wrist “ubuntu”… the spirit of ubuntu was best described by Desmond Tutu “My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours'”… And glimpsing all of the magical moments, proud gazes and warm interactions between their guests on their wedding day – the connections between them are paramount. It speaks mountains of Hayley and Amir to be surrounded by such positive and uplifting people and being able to capture this wedding warmed my heart and spirit. Their focus was on what truly matters, their ceremony very emotional as the magnitude of their promise was not taken lightly nor for granted. The bridal party was a pure bundle of fun but also a genuine support system for each of them… After a festive feast under the stars and trees, being serenaded by the rich Frank Sinatra-esque voice of Ricky Botsis, Hayley and Amir started their first dance, John Legend crooning, where a dance team disguised as waiters fell onto the dance floor causing mayhem which resulted in a surprise synchronised dance collaboration to Mandoza’s hit “Nkalakatha”! From there, they danced the night away and these two are, without a doubt, now on the golden path to happily ever after.

Service Providers :- Venue – Hawksmoor House / Cake –  Cakery Things / Decor, Games, Animal Name Tags, Cake topper & Geometric designs – Nifty Design & Decor  / Ronelle “Fairy God Mother” from Delicate Elegance  / Panstula Dancers – The Professionals SA from AfroDizzy Acts   / Live Singer (aka Frank Sinatra) – Ricky Botsis/ Bridesmaid’s earrings – White Rabbit Days

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  1. Alexa Brown

    Those waiter/dancers were the BEST surprise in this album! And the couple joining in is amazing! I love it! Well done for capturing the moment so well


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