Grace and Marcel

Cape Town Citybowl

Some serious magic went down in the city bowl on this mini urban adventure with the loveliest Grace and the absolute gentleman by her side, Marcel. Continents apart, but so much love binding them together and I’m really excited for what the future holds for this lively couple… Grace visited Cape Town recently all the way from Washington and Marcel planning a jam-packed itinerary for her, all over the peninsula¬†– I’m so glad we could squeeze in a shoot amongst all the fun he had planned! Grace has fallen in love with Cape Town and these pics of them happily exploring the Mother City show just a bit of what the two of them are about as well as the special city that will always have a close place in their hearts no matter how far apart¬†in the world they go. Their refined tastes, perfect manners, curious interest in life and most of all, the love in their hearts all culminated in some beautiful moments which made me feel very connected and privileged to photograph.

Distance means nothing when someone means everything ~ Unknown

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