Gabriella and Richard


A perfect Summer’s day unfolded under the majestic Simonsberg mountains for Gabi and Richard’s wedding…Not a cloud in the sky and dancing sunlight as they said their vows, smiles erupting and hands clutched tightly… The celebrations continued amongst the vineyards to the happy acoustic vibes of Sarah and Angelo, the clatter of giant dominoes, toddler’s delight, tinkling laughter and the ching-ching of glasses. Gabi is dynamic, strong-willed and holds her friends fiercely tight, with a penchant for camomile tea and enjoying the finer things in life with calm, gentle, number-crunching now-husband, Richard. These two balance¬†each other out perfectly and love to laugh – their stylish and raunchy first dance hints at their fun and spontaneous natures. I loved getting to know the two of them on such a special day and being able to share in the joy and love as their new chapter starts!

Coordinated by РAnna H / Venue РMolenvliet / Celebrant РPeter Fox / Pre-drinks singers РSarah Jane and Angelo Thomas / Make up РBernice Dodd / Reception Band РMe and Mr Brown / Flowers РOkasie / Cake РBirdcage / ASAP Staffing / Catering РAnnelize Buchanan / Hair РJeanette Genis / Videography РLynne Franks

"Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances" ~ Maya Angelou

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  1. John wootton

    Beautiful presentation of a wonderful wedding, congratulations


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